Disable Batching Static for Scene Elements

Unfortunately Unity’s automatic mesh combination that happens when you enter play mode (or build your game) does not make the batches geometry compatible with Runtime Navmesh generation.

If this is the case you will see similar errors as above except mentioning ‘Combined Mesh (root: scene)’ in the error message.

The only solution to this is to disable ‘Batching Static’ for your scene geometry and (potentially) use another mesh combination system (I would recommend the latter either way).

To fix this:

  1. Select the geometry in your scene (or the parent Game Object in the hierarchy)

  2. Click the dropdown beside ‘static’ in the Inspector

  3. Click ‘yes’ when using Unity asks if you wish to Disable Batching Static for all child objects

Finally, I would highly recommend looking into one of the Third Party mesh combine solutions listed below to replace the built in mesh combination functionality provided by Unity.

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