Welcome to the Runtime Navmesh Baker, your solution for runtime generation of AI Navmesh in Unity.

The primary goal of this package is to allow you to generate a localized navmesh around the player as they move around your game world. The built in baking system does not work well with larger scenes, either requiring a very long bake time (or simply crashing). This package is designed to help you get around the limitations of the native functionality.

For example, say you have a large game map (around 1 km square in size), with buildings, props and other details. There is very little chance that you will get a successful navmesh bake out of a large map like this, and also, ‘why’ - it is not necessary in most situations. For a large map like this, you will typically only need AI navigation available in the areas close to the player, and spawn in new enemies and creatures nearby as the player moves around the map.

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