Technical Details

Technical Details

This package was created using Unity 2022.3, however it should work on older versions of Unity. The only potential issue might be incompatibilities with the AI Navigation package, however these should be relatively minor. Please submit a support request or ping us on Discord if you are using an older version of Unity and would like us to support your version (no promises, but if we get enough demand, we’ll try to support them!)

The Runtime Spawner is separated into 2 separate UPM (Unity Package Manager) packages:

  • com.pixelwizards.runtimespawner

  • com.pixelwizards.objectpool

Each of these packages will be explained in more detail below, but they are fairly self explanatory from the names (hopefully) - one handles the spawning, the other provides object pooling!


The Runtime Spawner itself does not have any dependencies, however the Sample scenes that ship with the package DO have a dependency on:

  • AI Navigation (1.1.5)

  • Cinemachine (2.9.7)

  • TextMeshPro (3.0.8)

These packages are provided by Unity and will be installed automatically when you install the package from the Asset Store.

If you choose to remove the samples and the dependencies after installation, these extra packages can be removed (for example if you are using another pathfinding solution such as A* Pathfinding, see below in the ‘Third Party’ section of the documentation.)

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