Spawn Entry

Spawn Entry

A simple scriptable object that provides configuration for the actual object being spawned.

You can create a new Spawn Entry by right clicking any folder in the Project Window and going to Create ⇒ Runtime Spawner ⇒ Spawn Entry

Or by using the Asset Menu (Assets ⇒ Create ⇒ Runtime Spawner ⇒ Spawn Entry)



This defines the Prefab that will be spawned. Save a prefab of your AI Agent into the project window and drag / drop it into this field.

Max Population

The max number of this AI Agent that can be present in the world at once.

Use Group Spawn

This property is used by the Global and Local Area Spawners to determine whether we should spawn this Spawn Entry type in ‘Groups’. What this means in practice is that once one AI Agent is spawned of this type, a random number of additional AI Agents will be spawned ‘nearby’, using the first AI Agent’s position and calculating an offset.

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