Core Concepts

The Runtime Spawner Package (com.pixelwizards.runtimespawner)

The core runtime spawner package includes the following components:

  1. Runtime Spawner component.

  2. Local Area Spawner component.

  3. Wave Trigger component

  4. Wave SpawnPoint component

And the following scriptable objects (used to configure the above components):

  1. Wave Spawner scriptable object

  2. Spawn Entry scriptable object

How it Works

The 2 most important pieces of the package are the Runtime Spawner component and the Spawn Entry scriptable object.

The Runtime Spawner controls all of the spawning logic, and the Spawn Entry scriptable object defines WHAT is being spawned (and rules about the spawned objects).

How you want objects to spawn in your game (global, local or wave) is configured via the Runtime Spawner inspector and all of the other elements can be created / managed directly from there.

The Object Pool Package (com.pixelwizards.objectpool)

The Object Pool package has no editor-facing functionality itself, but implements a clean interface for creating and managing reusable pools of objects for your games.

You can find the API documentation for the Object Pool package online here:

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