Local Area Spawner

Local Area Spawner

The Local Area Spawner is a helper component that can be used to define custom biomes or regions within your game world. Each Local Area Spawner can have any number of custom Spawn Entry references.


Min Object Count

Max Object Count

Defines how many AI Agents to Spawn in this Region. A random number of AI Agents will be spawned (between Min & Max)

Restrict to Navmesh Areas (Optional)

You can optionally restrict the spawning of AI Agents to specific Navmesh Areas. Check the Unity Navmesh Area documentation for more information about Navmesh Areas and how to use them


This defines the list of Spawn Entry AI Agents for this spawner. You can add a new entry to the list by clicking the ‘Add’ button. See the Spawn Entry section of the documentation for more information.

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